Kashmir, India – A Cheap Place to Experience Snow

Kashmir is undoubtedly a breathtaking place. With its austere charm set against a backdrop of snowy mountains, Sri Nagar, Jamuna, the Shankaracharya hill and the Mughal gardens are places you will fall in love with during your visit to Kashmir.  Read More


Majestic Bagan from Sunrise to Sunset

James believes that no country can match the beauty and vastness of the Old Bagan in Myanmar. With affordable plane tickets, transportation and accommodation these days, one can only count his blessings for the best sunrise and sunset of the ancient cities, temples and pagodas. Read More


Singapore to Krabi Travel Guide

Lay back on the soft sand of the Krabi Beach and savour the golden-brown sunset that melts into the horizon. Elvin’s story begins amongst the lovely beaches of Ao Nang and ends at a relaxing spa at the Centara Anda Dhevi Resort. Read More


The Journey up Phongsaly

The austere villages and flowing rivers of Laos captivates Wu Swee Ong. Travelling from Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw all the way up Hat Sa and Phongsaly, Laos proved to be stunningly beautiful. Read More


10 Of Our Favourite Singapore Local Drinks

Tried nasi lemak and roti prata but have no idea what Milo dinosaur and kopi are? Don’t miss out on the local drinks as you tour Singapore. They’re sometimes the best window to discover the local culture!

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Safari World Bangkok, Thailand

Balancing a ball at the tip of its nose, the mischievous and fun-loving sea lions are one of many animals you will encounter at Safari World! Safari World is only an hour’s drive from the city and opens for visitors as early as 9am. It features a variety of land animals at its Open Zoo, and also caters to its water-loving counterparts at Marine Park. This is a wildlife paradise you would not want to miss.

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