10 Of Our Favourite Singapore Local Drinks

Tried nasi lemak and roti prata but have no idea what milo dinosaur and kopi are? Don’t miss out on the local drinks as you tour Singapore. They’re sometimes the best window to discover the local culture!

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Safari World Bangkok, Thailand

Balancing a ball at the tip of its nose, the mischievous and fun-loving sea lions are one of many animals you will encounter at Safari World! Safari World is only an hour’s drive from the city and opens for visitors as early as 9am. It features a variety of land animals at its Open Zoo, and also caters to its water-loving counterparts at Marine Park. This is a wildlife paradise you would not want to miss.

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Taiwan Trip: Taichung (台中)

Taiwan is an exceptional place for food and shopping. My family and I visited ShinKong Mitsukoshi (星光三越), the biggest mall in Taichung. However, the highlight of our shopping trip was the Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市) that sold little souvenirs and yummy delights at affordable prices. Read More


Review of the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Newly opened and rated 5-stars, The Majestic Hotel is a fusion of colonial extravagance and modern luxury. I was treated like royalty and had a personal butler to see to my every whim and need. Offering indulgences ranging from aromatic tea to art nouveau-styled spa, The Majestic Hotel truly does live up to its name.  Read More


Taiwan Trip: Hualien (花莲)

My first family vacation at Hualien County turned out to be a breathtaking adventure. From the exotic food at a family-owned minsu and steamboat place (三妈臭臭锅), to the Zi Qiang Night Market (自強夜市), I experienced a fascinating culture. My most memorable moment is the sunrise at 七星潭風景區, a fiery orb of red that slowly rose above the clouds. Read More

saba airport

Shortest Runway in the World @ Hell’s Gate

Have faith in your pilot when it comes to this. Check out the world’s shortest (and maybe scariest) runway! Wanna take a really short flight with me?  It’s just a 12 minutes flight to a 400m airstrip. Read More